Aerophone mini (AE-01)

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The new Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) is now available!

Aerophone mini

The Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) is different from the previous models in the Aerophone series because of its key layout.
Unlike the AE-10 and AE-05, the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) has a saxophone key layout, but instead of a saxophone key layout, it resembles a recorder.

octave device

“Home position” to “up” and “down” in about three octaves.


On the “Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini)”, the little finger keys on the left hand are used to play up or down a semitone.
For example, the
If you want to play “Re #”, press the “RE FINGER” + “UP” key.
If you want to play “Mi-flat”, press [Fingerings] + [Semitone Down].
In this example, it’s a homonym, so you can use whichever you like.

Also, “Aerophone mini” (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) doesn’t have the Bis (Bb) key on the saxophone.
You can use the following fingering as a homonym for Bb,A#. Personally, I’d say (1) and (4).

 A + semitone up key “Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)” on the manual’s fingering chart.
   It may be easier to use your right index finger instead of your left pinky finger to press the chromatic tone up key.
B + semitone down key “Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)” which is on the manual’s fingering chart.
   But it may be easier to use your right index finger instead of your left pinky finger to play down a semitone.
 Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)” which is similar to Bb of recorder.

 If you are a saxophonist, this might be a good choice. “Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)” is not on the manual.

I also don’t want to play F# major keys on this Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini);
If the key is complicated, you can play the notes in the major key of F# by using the “Transpose” function, which is the biggest advantage of the electronic instrument, rather than just fingering. Use the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) as a simple fingering tool. It’s safer to change the key to the key of karaoke. If the song is played in time with karaoke, you should change the key of the karaoke to Aerophone mini (AE-01 (Aerophone Mini) to match the key that you have “transposed” or do not rewrite the music. And no, but good luck there, lol.


この画像には alt 属性が指定されておらず、ファイル名は Aerophone_mini_MP.jpg です

The mouthpiece of the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) is AE-05 ( It’s a common part with the Aerophone GO). It also has a reed.
If you want, you can fix the reed at the side of the reed to avoid distortion.

As you can see when you remove the mouthpiece, the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) has a
There is no bite control sensor. So there is no oral bite control capability.
However, I would like you to touch the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)! I don’t think the bite control is necessary for the user base! Bend-up and bend-down switches are also available in the Aerophone mini (Aerophone The approach note with fingers is omitted in the “mini” section, so it is not possible to use bended expressions I guess.

Built-in sound source


Power supply system

4 AA NiMH batteries


USB AC adapter power supply

Battery life

About 10 hours.


Bluetooth ver4.2

Supported codecs SBC
Bluetooth MIDI support allows you to control soft sound sources such as smartphones

Dedicated App

Smartphone App for Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone mini)
Fingers practice, multiple sound sources, and changing the body parameters are possible.
Other than the parameter setting items, it’s the same as AE-05 application.

Body Speaker


output terminal

Mini-stereo phone jack.

Configurable items on the main unit

TONE・VOLUME・BREATH・TRANSPOSE・REVERB・ To change the tone, etc., use the Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) Press the “FUNCTION” button and the button associated with the function you want to operate. The number of times you press the button and the number of times it beeps indicates the tone number and the effect of the effect you are adjusting. This is the method to select the condition etc. (Same method as AE-05). (Same operation as AE-05.)


43mm × 76mm × 444mm



(including batteries)
It’s so light that you can totally blow without the strap.

Special Case

The Aerophone mini (AE-01 Aerophone Mini) does not come with a special case.
However, since the body of the device is very small, you can easily find a substitute case for it.
You may also want to consider a case for a super small tripod.

I put it in my homemade case that I use for my sopranino saxophone, and it fit perfectly.
I just put a cushioning material inside the cheap tripod case.

release date

Saturday, September 21, 2019


open price
That’s around $34,000.

(Bonus) Everyone’s favorite, the size comparison between the chinstrap and Aerophone mini

結果 : チンアナゴの方が太いのですよ

However, I think Aerophone mini (AE-01), more than any other aerophone, makes it possible to play music like a recorder, without being aware that it is an electronic instrument.